About Us

Expertise And Strategic Thinking

ExCap Advisors are proud to be different. When we take on a client, we bring a cool head, quick decision-making and many years of cross-discipline experience to the organization. We can take charge, create productive working environments aligned to corporate goals and work alongside the company as trusted partners.

For business owners, it’s about finding a balance. You want to retain control of your company and the processes, operations and direction while opening the businesses up to the knowledge, skills and experience of an external specialist. We work in consultation with you, bringing our expertise and strategic thinking to the company to help you achieve your vision – wherever you want to take your business, we can help you get there.

We know that your departments and personnel are busy: that is why we can also work independently to bring about the changes you require without being a drain on your resources.

Our clients trust us to

The only way we measure the success of a project is by whether the client is now achieving their potential.

Improve sales figures

Streamline operations

Enhance efficiencies

Introduce businessinnovation

Identify and remove redundantprocesses

Ensure successful negotiations forbusiness growth or expansion

Proven Expertise

Over the years we have worked with a broad range of clients across different sectors and in different disciplines, always providing value and expert commercial insights. They include:

  • Revenue enhancement for a software company
  • Securing new customers for a manufacturing firm
  • Assessing acquisition opportunities for an employee benefits firm
  • Raising capital for both clean technology and travel businesses
  • Cost rationalization in both solar power and mining companies
  • Executive-in-residence services for a public clean technology company

ExCap Advisors In Action

Commercializing Clean Technology

Acting as COO for a Canada-based clean technology company, we assisted in building the necessary infrastructure to further commercialize their production facilities. By optimizing and expanding production, the company was able to bring new products to market which led to immediate growth and innovation. As part of the project, we worked with multiple stakeholders to enhance the key commercial relationships that the business relies on.

Cost Optimization in Mining

ExCap Advisors worked with an international uranium mining company to conduct cost optimization and benchmark reviews – giving them the information they needed to successfully review their international operations and make key budget decisions.

Growing A Software Company

We worked with a Canadian software company to review and optimize their pricing and distribution models. Our expertise identified an opportunity to substantially increase the rate for their primary customer (one of Canada’s largest companies). This provided a two-times increase in EBITDA from the previous year. Our approach was to conduct a review of pricing and determine the value that the client provided – allowing us to lead negotiations with strategic sourcing departments and ultimately conclude a new multi-year agreement with a 300% increase in rates and payment upfront.