ExCap Advisors

Turning Potential Into Success

We help your business find and capitalize on the right opportunities

Turning Potential Into Success

At ExCap Advisors, we know when your business reaches certain points you need external support. That is where we come in: we help businesses grow faster. Our advisors are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and owners identify opportunities for growth and innovation, ensuring that your potential can be turned into lasting success.

Our team of experts have decades of experience across a range of business backgrounds and are in a position to help you make the right moves at the right time – making the most of any opportunities that come your way. If you want to expand, consolidate, or change your business – ExCap Advisors is here to help.

Strategy And Execution

We do not simply make recommendations to you and your business: we take on key roles within your organization and collaborate with your team to ensure that strategies are executed.

ExCap Advisors have an extensive track record that includes accelerating growth, securing funding, advising on process improvements, and giving a fresh, expert perspective on new markets and customer growth strategies.

Who We Work With

Past and present clients include:

  • Owner-operated businesses with growth goals
  • Microcap clients experiencing challenges with production, marketing, and growth
  • Asset managers and merchant banks with newly acquired portfolio companies
  • Joint ventures and consortiums tackling complex mining, industrial and infrastructure projects
  • Public sector infrastructure clients with a focus on improving access to high-speed internet

We work with new and growing enterprises of all sizes, to deliver measurable improvements through strategic support. Our consultants can also perform primary assessments of your financial statements over a one-week intensive diagnostic – together we can determine the opportunities for driving growth that are available to you, and where we can add value to your growth plan

Why ExCap Advisors?

More than just advice…

Our approach differs from the traditional management consulting or advisor. We believe in the future of our clients and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them in decision-making and strategy implementation. Our mission as a company is to bring our experience directly to our clients, to offer support and to execute your vision – we do so much more than simply advise.

Measurable added value

We have advised and supported businesses as they negotiate a wide range of commercial processes and plans – and we bring that experience and knowledge to the table for every new client. Our ability to identify opportunities for development and release the untapped talent potential within an organization results in measurable added value and success in all of our projects.

A full perspective

When we assess a task, challenge or opportunity, we make sure to analyze the underlying context and broader environment affecting the outcome. Because we have extensive experience in such a diverse range of businesses and industries, we can offer a full perspective and design key strategies for business growth.

Get In Touch

If you are an ambitious business leader or entrepreneur, we would love to hear from you – with our expertise in finance, corporate development and marketing, and your enthusiasm and motivation, we can come together to achieve great things. Our strategies are designed to make a fast impact, with measurable results in the near and mid-term. We can also advise and represent you in transactions, or even work with you as executives-in-residence – we will do whatever it takes to help you meet your business growth objectives and look to what comes next.